Zahnow Library 1st floor map

Renovation Report-1st Floor

Collaborative Group Study Rooms:
The renovation added three new rooms to give library users a total of six rooms and
use of the new Z-111 Active Learning Lab. The collaborative study rooms are available on a first come-first serve basis.
The Z-111 Active Learning Lab is available to students when the lab is not scheduled. It also closes at 8pm Monday-Thursday.
All these rooms are proving to be very popular and all have new app based technology for viewing laptop displays (up to 4)
on the installed monitors or interactive white boards. The five group study rooms are located on the left side of the library when
you walk into the library entrance on the first floor.

Collaborative/Study Roomsphoto of students using a study room


An additional study room (117B) is located to the left of five study rooms and directly across from the IT Support Desk.
It has an interactive white board, laptop display app and seating capacity of 10.

photo of study room z-117b

The Z-111 Active Learning Lab is also a great place for collaborative group study. It can be used whenever the lab is not scheduled for a class or
activity. See the class schedule posted near the lab (or chat with a librarian) for availability.

 photo of students using z-111 whiteboard

The technology and flexible furniture in Z-111 also makes it an interactive learning space for library instruction and class settings. Faculty may schedule the room for special class needs that can utilize these features. Alyssa M Pollard-McGrandy, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, recently did just that for one of her classes.
photo of a class using z-111photo of class using z-111


Next week the Renovation Report will look at the 1st floor use of the new furniture.